The good work of BAXI Manresa leads him to win a game against Dinamo Sassari

Tuesday 3 of December of 2019 at 23:36

An exciting game that ends with a victory for a point, in a game where Kravish's work, with doubles doubles (10 and 10) and Toolson (24 points), with an immense second part, sentenced Italians despite the difficulties they experienced the team.

The BAXI Manresa culminated in Sàsser another epic and spectacular game. Those of Pedro Martínez defeated the so-called co-leader and favorite Dinamo Sassari for a point of difference, with a great performance of David Kravish , and also of Ryan Toolson , well accompanied by All players, who were sacrificed to replace the injured and met expectations altogether.

The Bages team started a bit stronger than the locals, who were reluctant to start. Triple of Vaulet in 4-7 was a mirage: the ring seemed closed when it had to be pulled from outside. EL Manresa was stealing and running and distancing, but 2 consecutive baskets of the locals put them close.

The match would continue in the second period, with Toolson rising the ball and the lack of success still persistent. The Italians were distanced 10 points, but Jou was left alone and, now, scored from afar. Perez's penetration put 5 points of difference again, which would have to go back to the second half.

After the passage through the changing rooms, the outward success began to be inspired, first with Vaulet , and then with a Ryan Toolson that would convert 4 trills of 8 attempts in the second part. Kravish continued percussing below, and charged free throws to keep adding. Two consecutive triples from the Arizona Cononer provoked the local minute. Draw 54 at the gates of the last quarter.

An unforeseeable foul in favor of BAXI Manresa allowed the team to go ahead, and the final frec-to-frec started here. 7 minutes of stretch-and-drag, Ryan scoring again, in several ways, and also attending. Toolson wrote down his "his" basket in a shot of 5 meters, and converted the premises. With 1 point of advantage for Manresa, they attacked the sards: error and rebound for Dulkys , which would be missing and scored at 3.9 seconds of the end. The last move ended with a bad shot from the locals and a rebound was profiteer, after a clear foul to Guillem Jou in the rebound. It was worthless, the victory flew to Manresa.

BAXI Manresa was thus the provisional leader of Group A of the Basketball Champions League, with this vibrant and exciting victory, the first away from home throughout the season.

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