Basquet Manresa is a historic club, with more than 45 years at the highest level of spanish basketball. League Champion 98, Cup Champion 96, charter member of the ACB and school of many players.

History & Achievements

Manresa, a medium city located in the center of Catalonia, has always been a city dedicated to basketball, with numerous teams participating in different categories.

Since 1931, Manresa and the Bages region have enjoyed good basketball, and in all these years the club has adapted to the rhythm of the times, changing its name, its pavilion, its category, ... but always keeping the spirit alive of basketball and the support of the fans. Always fighting to be among the best, which has achieved titles such as the Copa del Rey, the ACB League, or several Catalan League titles. Manresa Basketball S.A.E. It has a strong popular implantation, as evidenced by the fact that it has more than 900 shareholders and 3,500 subscribers.

The beginnings of basketball in Manresa, and therefore of our club, go back to 1931, when the Manresa Baloncesto Club was founded. Three years later, in August 1934, the Manresa Basketball Club merged with CB Bages and the Manresa Basketball Union was born. The most important milestone of these beginnings was the achievement of the "Barcelona Cup - General Orgaz Trophy" against the Joventut of Badalona on August 22, 1940. That same year, the club became part of the Center as a basketball section de Deportes Manresa, an eminently football entity. As important facts in this stage, it is necessary to emphasize the promotion to the First National Division the season 1967/68, the inauguration of the pavilion of the Congost (November of 1968) and the first participation in a continental competition (Korac Cup, 1971/72) . In 1979, the entity was transformed into an independent sports club and changed its name to Manresa Deportivo Baloncesto. Of this period it is necessary to emphasize the beginning of the ACB the 1983/84 season, and the sponsorship of the firm TDK (between 1985 and 2000).

In 1992, the club was formed as a Sports Limited Company and adopted the current name: Baloncesto Manresa SAE. In this decade, the club has carried out an important process of professionalization. In the sports field, the 1995/96 season has been proclaimed the Copa del Rey, and also the ACB League, the 1997/98 season.

Bàsquet Manresa is currently the sixth team in the ACB ranking for games played.

History & Achievements
History & Achievements-2
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The Bàsquet Manresa lived its golden age during the decade of the '90s. In 1996 it was possible, against all odds, to win the Copa del Rey, in Murcia. Two years later, the then TDK Manresa materialized one of the most remembered sporting feats of all time, winning the ACB League after defeating Estudiantes, Real Madrid and TAU de Vitoria. Apart from these great titles, the Bàsquet Manresa has also won the Catalan League on three occasions (1997, 1999 and 2021), and has achieved promotion by winning the LEB in 2007, and winning the promotion play-off in 2018.

ACB League

ACB League

  • Champion of the ACB League in the 1997-98 season defeating the TAU Cerámica (1-3), after eliminating Estudiantes and Real Madrid with the track factor against. The TDK Manresa had been 6th in the regular league.
  • The league achieved by the Bàsquet Manresa the 1998 is one of the most incredible and well-known sporting feats in Europe.
ACB League
Copa del Rey

Copa del Rey

  • Champion of the Copa del Rey in Murcia in 1996. At that time TDK Manresa dominated the FC Barcelona 94-92 in the final, remembered by the three pointer by Joan Creus.
  • Runner-up of the Copa del Rey in Ferrol in 1980. The final with FC Barcelona was lost by 92-83.
Copa del Rey

Management team

This is the team of people who work in the Bàsquet Manresa SAE, under the direction of the Executive Council of the club.

Josep M. Herms

Josep M. Herms


Josep M. Herms has been a member of the club's Board of Directors since November 2022. He comes to the presidency in December 2023.

Carles Sixto

General Manager

He came to the management of the club in 2003, after 10 years as the financial manager of Bàsquet Manresa. He has been the manager under the presidency of Torres, Josep Vives, Jaume Arnau, Josep Sáez and Jordi Serracanta.

Xevi Pujol

Sport General Manager

After six seasons in the role of assistant coach of the club, Pujol changes role and takes over the sports management of the entity from the 2020-21 academic year.

Damià Badia

Press officer & media manager

Clàudia Fresno

Marketing and advertising

Anna Pinell

Subscribers, ticketing and store