BAXI Manresa wins in Lugo and certifies permanence
BAXI Manresa wins in Lugo and certifies permanence
BAXI Manresa wins in Lugo and certifies permanence

BAXI Manresa wins in Lugo and certifies permanence

A basket by Robinson in the last seconds gives the final victory to a Bages team who, despite being behind the scoreboard for most of the game, came alive at the end to finish off the save.

Sunday 14 of May of 2023 at 15:13

81 Río Breogán I Hollatz 14, Sergi Quintela 9, Momirov 13, Tanaskovic 4 and Happ 15; Bamforth 4, Garcia 3, Lukovic 6, Nenadic 11, Erik Quintela, Brajkovic and Arteaga 2

82 BAXI Manresa I Dani Pérez 9, Harding 12, Jou 5, Robinson 7 and Geben 18; Badio 9, Dani Garcia 10, Steinbergs 2, Olumuyiwa 2 and Vaulet 8

Partial: 19-22, 23-14, 19-23, 20-23

BAXI Manresa will play next season in the Endesa League. A basket achieved by Devin Robinson in the last seconds served to obtain the final victory, which completely sealed the permanence, on the complicated court of a Breogán who was the majority of the duel ahead but who made mistakes in the final stretch that cost them the win.

The initial moments of the game were very even, with the Galicians slightly dominating on the scoreboard. However, the reds played a good end of the first quarter and managed to reach a three-point margin thanks to a final basket by Harding (19-22).

In the second, the visitors extended the good moment and came to enjoy ten points of rent (19-29). Subsequently, the Lugo team reacted and took advantage of the rival turnovers to give a resounding 21-2 run that allowed them to reach the break with a six-point advantage (42-36).

In the second half, the locals timidly continued to command the electronics against some Manresans who responded to each basket from Breogán, especially thanks to a Geben who did not stop capturing offensive rebounds (up to seven in the third quarter). At the end of the third quarter, everything to be decided (61-59).

In the last period, those from Bages knew how to resist the escape attempts of the Galicians and managed to reach a final toss-up. This seemed favorable to those from Lugo, but with 81-80 and 17 seconds to play, the key facts arrived: Momirov missed two free throws and later Robinson drove Manresa crazy with the winning basket and, as a consequence, their stay for a year more in the maximum state competition.

BAXI Manresa will close the Endesa League at the Nou Congost against Gran Canaria, on a date and time yet to be determined.