BAXI Manresa starts the preseason in Montsó
BAXI Manresa starts the preseason in Montsó
BAXI Manresa starts the preseason in Montsó

BAXI Manresa starts the preseason in Montsó

The Bages team received the warmth of nearly a hundred red fans in a match that ended with a 65-70 favorable to Pedro Martínez's team.

Saturday 26 of August of 2023 at 21:23

65 UCAM Murcia I Hakanson 7, Ennis 14, Sant-Roos 8, Sleva 9 and Diagne 8; Caupain 10, Falk 4, Flores 2, Jelínek 2, Garrido and Birgander 1

70 BAXI Manresa I Taylor 12, Williams 8, Jou 3, Steinbergs 6 and Geben 9; Badio 12, Dani García, Jovanovic 8, Sagnia 4, Coulibaly, Zohore 2 and Dani Pérez 6

Partial sessions: 11-24, 15-16, 18-17, 21-13

BAXI Manresa 2023-2024 opened the preseason with a victory against UCAM Murcia in Monzón (65-70), in a match in which the Bages men had the support of nearly a hundred fans who enjoyed the team's game .

The players led by Pedro Martínez made a better start to the game and, led by Badio and Jovanovic, it didn't take long for them to take control of the scoreboard thanks to their defensive level and the success in the three-pointer (they scored four in the first quarter). At the end of the initial ten minutes, a thirteen-point margin for the Reds (11-24).

In the second period the game was more level, which favored a more united team from Manresa, who continued to score from long distance and maintain a comfortable lead over their rival. In the half of the match, the Bages team won by fourteen points (26-40).

Returning from the locker room, the reds scored five consecutive points, but the Murcians reacted and nailed a 10-0 run, forcing Pedro Martínez to stop the game (36-45). Subsequently, the Manresans recovered and did not allow the rival to get any closer in the electronic (44-57).

In the last ten minutes, UCAM Murcia was more effective on both sides of the court and tried to come back, but Bages' men were solid and knew how to manage the advantage until the end.

BAXI Manresa's next pre-season match will be next Friday, September 1, with MoraBanc Andorra as their rival. The duel will start at 20:30 in Sant Julià de Vilatorta.