BAXI Manresa falls in Tenerife despite deserving more
BAXI Manresa falls in Tenerife despite deserving more
BAXI Manresa falls in Tenerife despite deserving more

BAXI Manresa falls in Tenerife despite deserving more

The Bages team, with a very choral game, had an excellent first half, but in the last period they could not stop the hardness of Lenovo Tenerife in the last few minutes with controversial refereeing decisions.

Wednesday 29 of March of 2023 at 23:47

100 Lenovo Tenerife I Fitipaldo 2, Fernández 2, Cook 7, Doornekamp 21 and Shermadini 21; Huertas 11, Salin 10, Diagné, Abromaitis 10, Bolmaro 10 and Guerra 6

87 BAXI Manresa I Dani Pérez 6, Harding 5, Jou 5, Vaulet 6 and Geben 9; Robinson 12, Badio 5, Waczynski 8, Dani Garcia 11, Steinbergs 4, Ferrari 10 and Olumuyiwa 6

Partials: 28-28, 23-31, 17-8, 32-20

BAXI Manresa showed a great image on the complicated court of Lenovo Tenerife, one of the best teams in the Endesa League, but did not have the prize of victory (100-87). The Bages team, who played a very choral game, displayed a great level in the first half, but collapsed in the third quarter and the Canaries ruled in the final minutes thanks to a 14-0 run.

The match started with a very high pace of play and with constant alternatives on the scoreboard. The islanders, led by Doornekamp, took a six-point lead (19-13), but the visitors, who played a very choral game, did not take long to turn the tide again. At the end of the first quarter, it was tied at 28.

In the second, the tone did not change too much, and the attacks continued to impose on the defenses. The Manresa players, who were very accurate in the shot and dominated the rebound, continued to show a great level of play that allowed them to almost always go ahead. The break was reached with a difference of eight points for the Bages team thanks to a three-pointer from the middle of the field by Dani Garcia (51-59).

Returning from the changing rooms, the situation changed completely, and the home team overturned the scoreboard in less than three minutes (60-59). Pedro Martínez's players were collapsed in attack, and did not manage to score until the last three minutes of the third quarter. However, the team continued to fight to the maximum and took advantage of the fact that the opponent was not fine either to stay alive in the game (68-67).

The last ten minutes began with an exchange of baskets, but then the Canaries nailed a 14-0 run that was decisive, as they knew how to manage the income to defeat a Manresa team who showed a great image and planted face until the end against one of the best teams in the league.

On Sunday from 17:00 BAXI Manresa will play again at Nou Congost, this time against Monbus Obradoiro who are having a good season.