BAXI Manresa stumbles in the BCL against Limoges
BAXI Manresa stumbles in the BCL against Limoges
BAXI Manresa stumbles in the BCL against Limoges

BAXI Manresa stumbles in the BCL against Limoges

The Bages team led at the beginning thanks to Harding's performance (20 points and 7/7 field goals in the first quarter) and had options for victory until the end in which the French were more successful.

Tuesday 6 of December of 2022 at 22:41

77 BAXI Manresa And Dani Pérez 9, Harding 30, Waczynski 5, Vaulet 8 and Tyson Pérez 4; Badio 3, Jou, Steinbergs 6, Sagnia, Ferrari 3 and Caroline 9

88 Limoges CSP And Jones 13, Hawkins 21, Lang 14, Rodriguez 22 and Yeguete 6; Graves 8, Mbaka 2, Wojciechowski, Ugolin and Schilling 2

Partials: 33-22, 16-20, 15-27, 13-19

BAXI Manresa fell again into the Nou Congost, this time in the visit of the French Limoges in the fifth matchday of the first group phase of the Basketball Champions League (77-88). The Bages team dominated in the first half thanks to the great performance of Harding, but in the second the French reacted and ended up winning in the last moments.

The beginning of the match had a clear protagonist: Jerrick Harding. The American guard put the team on his back and, with records of 20 points and 7-for-7 shooting from the field in the first quarter alone, led them to an eleven-point margin in the score (33-22).

In the second period, the French came out better and nailed an initial partial 0-5. After a reaction from the reds, which forced the rival coach to ask for a time-out, the visitors continued to cut back and were within a single point. Two three-pointers from Caroline made it 49-42 at the halfway mark.

Returning from the locker room, Limoges scored nine consecutive points that allowed them to overturn the electronic (54-56). From there, the game was evenly matched and, although the French closed the third quarter ahead (64-69), everything had to be decided in the last ten minutes.

In these, neither team could open a hole in the scoreboard, and in the last moments the French were more intoned and took their second triumph in the group phase of the BCL.

On Sunday from 12:30, BAXI Manresa will have a very complicated match in the Endesa League, as they will visit the court of one of the best teams on the European continent, Real Madrid.