BAXI Manresa wins 102-121 in 'the record game' and remains leader

Wednesday 11 of December of 2019 at 21:48

Club ratings maximum (155), assists (41) and triples (19) in the win against Polski Cukier Torun. 20 points from Magarity and Dulkys, 18 from Kravish and an abnormal success in a game that happens in the club's history.

BAXI Manresa won the victory of Poland, where he also broke 3 records of the club. A game that will be remembered for a long time for fans. The success in the shot was extraordinary, in a game with little defense and a lot of annotation. Dulkys and Magarity were the most anotadores of an offensive festival with few precedents in the European basketball.

The game started with a starter brake. He broke the Dulkys gel with a triple to the limit, and the defenses were opened to begin an anotador festival that would not end until minute 40. Initial war on the painting of Kravish and Kulig , that reappeared, Highly accurate in triples, starting with Toolson and Dulkys leading.

34 more points before halfway to reach the equator with 59-65 who already predicted a high score match. It would be then the good moment of Vaulet , who scored easily from below and gave a plus in defense. Dani, in addition, found the right. Toolson was put with 3 of 3 in triples before finishing the fourth, finalizing with a coast-to-coast of Vaulet in 5 seconds.

The second part was the time when BAXI Manresa managed to distance himself a bit. Magarity found its initial moment to begin to "kill" the rival with triples. Also good indoor combinations found good finishes through Kravish .

In the last 10 minutes, Nelson was released to close records and secure the victory. Magarity ensured with mourning in the moments of little clarity, and the anotador festival ended with a rain of points and records, and what is more important: a win that kept the BAXI Manresa leader of group A .

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