BAXI Manresa clearly falls at Strasbourg in the first defeat to the European competition

Tuesday 29 of October of 2019 at 22:48

Very complicated game in which Pedro Martínez's team did not feel comfortable at any time. Kravish numerically highlighted with 9 rebounds, Davis with 17 points and Magarity with 12.

Bad match and defeat in Strasbourg on the third day of the BCL. The BAXI Manresa was not fine, from the beginning, and although at the beginning of the last period it seemed that it was possible to go back (the team was 6 points), could not be . Bad attack and no options to win the French team.

The BAXI Manresa managed to score at the end of the first 10 minutes, in a period when it was difficult for both teams to score. Davis was right from triple after a basket of Magarity that tied the game . The team was irregular in attack but solid in defense.

In the second period, a few points from the Bages (11) and too many concessions for a Strasbourg that did 23. Toolson did not find a basket, and Pedro Martínez requested a minute in a report where the locals were leaving for 13 points (38-25).

After going through the dressing room, the Davis push put the team at 8 points, but 2 losses gave 5 easy points to the French. The team found the end of the following scoring in free throws Magarity , and the offensive rebounds of Kravish . Báez also tried to contribute, but still it would be necessary to go back 15 points.

In the last period, hope at the start: two triples of Ferrari put the equipment close, and even more after the pastime of Toolson . Vaulet with 2 free throws put the team close, but the comeback was here. The scoring drought and the defensive mistakes that allowed the SIG Strasbourg returned to breathe calmly until managing the final marker.

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