Chima Moneke: One athletic and spectacular power-forward arrives at Nou Congost

Saturday 17 of July of 2021 at 11:00

The Nigerian, 1.98m and 25 years old, comes from French Orleans, where he has followed a great progression this season: 13.7p and 6.5r in his first season at the highest level.

A tornado reaches the Nou Congost. The Nigerian Chima Moneke signs with BAXI Manresa after a great season in his first year in the French first division. He is 25 years old, 1.98m tall and is international for his country. He signed for a season with the Bages team.

Chima Moneke (born Abuja, Nigeria, December 24, 1995) is an explosive player. Despite being born in Nigeria, he grew up in Australia and trained in the United States before landing in French basketball. After two seasons playing in the second category, last year he started a great campaign in Orleans, scoring 13.7 points per game, capturing 6.5 rebounds and assisting 1.5 times. An upward trajectory that will now continue in the Nou Congost. The Nigerian, now focused on his national team, has an explosive game: despite not being overly tall, he can make spectacular blocks and dunks. Showtime at BAXI Manresa.

Trajectory of Chima Moneke
2013-2015 - Northeast Community College
2016-2018 - UC Davis Aggies (NCAA)
2018 - Rouen Métrople Basket (Pro B, France)
2018-2019 - Denain ASC Voltaire (Pro B, France)
2019-2020 - Béliers de Quimper UJAP 1984 (Pro B, France)
2020-2021 - Orléans Loiret Basket (Pro A, France)

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