BAXI Manresa compete against a Unicaja in a state of grace
BAXI Manresa compete against a Unicaja in a state of grace
BAXI Manresa compete against a Unicaja in a state of grace

BAXI Manresa compete against a Unicaja in a state of grace

Despite going behind on the scoreboard from the start, the Bages team stayed close on the scoreboard for many minutes on the court of a team that has accumulated eight consecutive victories in the Liga Endesa.

Saturday 2 of December of 2023 at 20:39

91 Unicaja I Perry 9, Kalinoski 6, Djedovic 8, Osetkowski 25 and Sima 6; Ejim 8, Taylor 9, Díaz 7, Carter 6, Saint-Supery, Thomas 3 and Kravish 4

77 BAXI Manresa I Taylor 5, Badio 7, Sagnia 8, Robinson 13 and Geben 10; Travanté 14, Dani García 5, Steinbergs 5, Valtonen 4 and Oriola 6

Partials: 31-25, 18-21, 21-14, 21-17

BAXI Manresa could not stop Unicaja's good streak, which won 91-77 to record its eighth straight win in the Endesa League. However, the Bages team knew how to compete and did not make things easy for them, staying very close on the scoreboard for many minutes.

The match began with an electric pace of play and with the attacks clearly imposing themselves on the defenses. This situation favored the Andalusians, who opened a first gap of seven points (18-11), but the visitors reacted immediately and tied the duel. The Málaga team then regained the initiative on the scoreboard and two free throws from Díaz made it 31-25 at the end of the first ten minutes.

In the second period, the Manresans withstood the rival's escape attempts and remained close on the scoreboard at all times. In the last minute they managed to tie at 44, but five consecutive points from the locals and a final basket from Dani García left a result of 49-46 at halftime.

Returning from the locker room, Unicaja made a better start and was more accurate in the shot than the Bages team. This fact made them take an income of up to fifteen points (67-52). However, Pedro Martínez's players did not give up and cut to ten points at the end of the third quarter (70-60).

In the last ten minutes, Ibon Navarro's men, with Osetkowski as a leader, demonstrated their great form and prevented the visitors from reaching the end with any chance of victory.

On Saturday, starting at 8:45 p.m., BAXI Manresa will play again at the Nou Congost, this time with the visit of Bàsquet Girona, in one of the Catalan derbies of the Endesa League.