BAXI Manresa beats Betis thanks to Nou Congost
BAXI Manresa beats Betis thanks to Nou Congost
BAXI Manresa beats Betis thanks to Nou Congost

BAXI Manresa beats Betis thanks to Nou Congost

The Manresa team also win the basket average against the Andalusians with a sublime Harding (41p and 39v).

Saturday 18 of March of 2023 at 20:33

91 BAXI Manresa I Dani Pérez 11, Harding 41, Jou 3, Robinson 6 and Geben 8; Badio 2, Waczynski 5, Steinbergs, Ferrari 4, Olumuyiwa and Vaulet 11

84 Real Betis Baloncesto I Gray 17, Montero 15, Bertans 8, Pérez 16 and Pasecniks 9, Maronka 3, Cvetkovic 9, Almazán, Báez 2 and Sylla 5

Partials: 19-17, 29-19, 26-33, 17-15

BAXI Manresa achieved a vital victory, the fifth of the season, at Nou Congost against Real Betis Baloncesto, a direct rival in the fight to stay in the Endesa League (91-84). The Bages team dominated in the electronic from the beginning, but could not decide the duel until the last minutes thanks to a Harding who showed his best scoring version.

The start of the match was very even, with the Reds leading the scoreboard, but always by short distances. After a phase of confusion for both teams, the first quarter ended with two points for the home team (19-17).

In the second, the players led by Pedro Martínez were superior to their opponent and, led by Harding, nailed a 17-4 partial that allowed them to take a 15-point lead, which forced Luis Casimiro to stop the match (36-21). Then the Andalusia team reacted by scoring eight consecutive points, but the Manresa team didn’t get nervous and reached the break with a twelve points margin (48-36).

Returning from the changing rooms, the Sevilla team found the right thing and were only five points away (53-48). Later, the home team escaped again with a 6-0 partial, before Betis got closer again at the end of the third quarter (74-69).

Everything had to be decided in the last ten minutes, in which the Bages team didn’t lose the lead but neither could they escape in front of a rival who didn’t give up. In the final stretch, a Harding in a state of grace made the Nou Congost explode with joy and gave the victory and average basketball to his team.

On Wednesday from 18:30 BAXI Manresa will play the qualification for the quarter-finals of the Basketball Champions League on the complicated court of the Lithuanian Rytas Vilnius.