GameLab G30: BAXI Manresa-MoraBanc Andorra
GameLab G30: BAXI Manresa-MoraBanc Andorra
GameLab G30: BAXI Manresa-MoraBanc Andorra

GameLab G30: BAXI Manresa-MoraBanc Andorra

BAXI Manresa wants to continue with the play-off options against a MoraBanc Andorra with a different objective, permanence.

Wednesday 17 of April of 2024 at 18:11

BAXI Manresa returns to Nou Congost with the aim of adding a new victory that keeps them in play-off positions. Pedro Martínez's men, who have just beaten Monbus Obradoiro at home last day, will face a MoraBanc Andorra team whose primary objective is to escape the fight to avoid relegation. With a balance of 10 wins and 19 losses, Andorra, led by coach Natxo Lezkano, have very talented players in their ranks. It is worth highlighting the leadership and talent of Jean Montero, a 20-year-old point guard who is the fourth highest scorer in the Liga Endesa. Former Manresa players Jerrick Harding and Tyson Pérez return to Nou Congost with the MoraBanc Andorra shirt.

Who contributes the points to Andorra?

Currently, MoraBanc Andorra has an average of 82.7 points per game. His point of reference in scoring is the young 20-year-old point guard, Jean Montero, who scores an average of 15.1 points per game, being the fourth highest scorer in the competition. Natxo Lezkano has other players with a lot of scoring, especially the ex-Manresan Jerrick Harding, with 14.2 points per duel, who is also accompanied by the center Marin Maric (12.1 points) , Tyson Pérez (11.4 points) or Stan Okoye (7.7 points).

The duel: Robinson vs Montero

Both Devin Robinson and Jean Montero are within the Top 10 top scorers in the Liga Endesa. The BAXI Manresa player occupies tenth position in the ranking with an average of 14.1 points per duel, while the MoraBanc Andorra point guard is the fourth player with the highest scores in the competition. A large part of this score is due to the great success of both players in the two-point shot, where Devin Robinson maintains an effectiveness of 55.8% compared to Jean Montero's 50.6%.

The talent of young Jean Montero, 20 years old, has led him to currently be the second highest rated player in the competition with an average of 19.5 credits. For his part, Devin Robinson is the man from Manresa who achieves the highest rating, 15.5 credits per game.

In one of the statistics where both players maintain high numbers is rebounding, where Robinson's average remains at 5.5 per duel, compared to Montero's 3.6 rebounds.

The shooting %

The 3-point shot: BAXI Manresa 32% / MoraBanc Andorra 34.2%

The 2-point shot: BAXI Manresa 52.2% / MoraBanc Andorra 54.1%

The free throw: BAXI Manresa 75.3% / MoraBanc Andorra 73.7%


In a total of 11 visits by Andorra to the Nou Congost, Manresa has only been able to defeat them on 4 occasions.

In the last match played between Manresa and Andorra, it was BAXI Manresa who took the victory with a resounding result of 94-60, which so far has been the largest victory for the Bages team about Andorra.

In the match corresponding to the first round, played at the Pavelló de Govern, Pedro Martínez's men took the victory in a tight match that went to the visitors' side (86-90).

The Old-known

Tyson Pérez: Played for BAXI Manresa during the 2022-23 season.

Jerrick Harding: Played for BAXI Manresa during the 2022-23 season.