GameLab G29: Monbus Obradoiro - BAXI Manresa
GameLab G29: Monbus Obradoiro - BAXI Manresa
GameLab G29: Monbus Obradoiro - BAXI Manresa

GameLab G29: Monbus Obradoiro - BAXI Manresa

BAXI Manresa travels to Santiago to face a Monbus Obradoiro team that they have not been able to beat in the last four duels played in Galicia.

Wednesday 10 of April of 2024 at 18:10

Pedro Martínez's men visit the complicated court of a Monbus Obradoiro that is looking for a key victory to be able to continue fighting for permanence. The Galicians, led by Moncho Fernández, are in 17th position in the standings, in the relegation zone, with a balance of 7 wins and 21 losses. Obradoiro has only won 1 of its last 13 games, the Galician derby against Breogán. For its part, BAXI Manresa, which has won the last 5 games away from Nou Congost, will seek to regain victory after being defeated by the current leader, Unicaja.

Who contributes the points to the Obradoiro?

Monbus Obradoiro currently maintains an average of 80.4 points per game. Their top scorer is the American shooting guard, Jordan Howard, with 14 points per game. The team led by Moncho Fernández has other men with a lot of scoring ability such as Artem Pustovyi (13.8 points), Thomas Scrubb (11.7 points), Janis Timma ( 9.5 points) or Rigoberto Mendoza (9.4 points).

The duel: Howard vs Badio

Both players are key pieces for Obradoiro and Manresa. The Monbus guard, born in the United States, is the Galician team's top scorer, with an average of 14 points per game, compared to the 13.6 scored by Brancou Badio for BAXI Manresa, being the Catalans' second top scorer. .

Both Howard and Badio maintain an equal percentage of success in the triple. From 6.75 meters, Howard has an effectiveness of 32.4%, while Badio maintains a success rate of 31.5%.

We find the same in the shot from 2, but in this case it is Brancou Badio, with 48.3% effectiveness, who surpasses Howard, who remains at 47.2%.

In the efficiency statistic we also find a lot of equality: Jordan Howard values an average of 11.1 credits per game and Brancou Badio values an average of 12.

The shooting %

The 3-point shot: Monbus Obradoiro 30.4% / BAXI Manresa 32%

The 2-point shot: Monbus Obradoiro 54.5% / BAXI Manresa 52.3%

The free throw: Monbus Obradoiro 77.5% / BAXI Manresa 75.1%


BAXI Manresa has four consecutive defeats in their visits to Fontes do Sar.

The last victory of the Catalans against Obradoiro was in December 2018, winning the game with a result of 90-97 with a stellar performance by Ryan Toolson, who scored 29 points and a PIR of 27.

Those of Bages have been surpassed by the Galicians in the last four duels that have been played in Santiago. Last season the men led by Pedro Martínez fell to Obradoiro 104-99, in the game on matchday 14.

The Old-known

Álvaro Muñoz: He was a Bàsquet Manresa player between 2017 and 2019.