GameLab G28: BAXI Manresa - Unicaja
GameLab G28: BAXI Manresa - Unicaja
GameLab G28: BAXI Manresa - Unicaja

GameLab G28: BAXI Manresa - Unicaja

A BAXI Manresa in good spirits will be looking for a fifth consecutive victory against a Unicaja team with three former Manresa.

Wednesday 3 of April of 2024 at 18:39

BAXI Manresa will again play against a rival with much level. After visiting the leader, Real Madrid, and giving a surprise with a victory in the WiZink, the team from Manresa await the visit of the second ranked team, Ibon Navarro's Unicaja, in the Nou Congost. The Carpena team has a record of 22 wins and 5 losses, almost guaranteeing the pitch factor in the Play-Offs of the Liga Endesa. For their part, Pedro Martínez's men, who add up to four consecutive victories, will look for a new victory that will continue to accredit them as one of the candidates to fight for the first positions.

Who contributes the points to Unicaja?

Unicaja is currently the team with the most scoring in the Liga Endesa, with an average of 88.3 points per game. Dylan Osetkowski is the top scorer of the Andalusians with an average of 12.5 points per game, but Ibon Navarro has other players with many points such as Tyson Carter (10, 7 points), Kameron Taylor (9.4 points), Kednrick Perry (9.3 points) or Nihad Djedovic (8.1 points).

The duel: Robinson vs Osetkowski

Devin Robinson and Dylan Osetkowski are, statistically, the best players on their teams. Both power forwards lead their teams in scoring and scoring. In annotation, Robinson has an average of 14.1 points per game while Osetkowski's is 12.5. In the valuation statistic, Robinson values an average of 15.9 credits per game, and for his part, the Unicaja player values 13.2.

In other statistics both players are also very equal. The rebound is one of them, where the Manresano player takes 5.7 per game compared to the 4 taken by Osetkowski.

We can also find a great equality between Robinson and Osetkowski in the percentage of effectiveness in the shooting from 2, where the BAXI player maintains a 56.2% compared to the 55.3% of the Unicaja power forward.

The shooting %

The 3-point shot: BAXI Manresa 31.9% / Unicaja 38.1%

The 2-point shot: BAXI Manresa 52.4% / Unicaja 56%

The free throw: BAXI Manresa 74.7% / Unicaja 76.6%

The background

BAXI Manresa benefited in the balance of duels between Catalans and Andalusians in the Nou Congost. Out of a total of 40 visits of Unicaja in the capital of Bages, 22 victories were won by the locals and the remaining 18 fell on the Unicaja's side .

In the last game that faced BAXI Manresa and Unicaja in the Nou Congost, the victory went to Ibon Navarro's team in a very even duel (94-98), despite the great performance from Devin Robinson, who signed 24 rating credits thanks to his 19 points and 9 rebounds.

The last victory of the Catalans against Unicaja was two seasons ago, in October 2021, when Pedro Martínez's team defeated the Andalusians by 85-74.

The Old-knonw

David Kravish: Played in BAXI Manresa in the 2019-20 season.

Yankuba Sima: He was a player for the Manresano club between 2018 and 2022.

Ibon Navarro: Manager of Básquet Manresa for two seasons: 2015-16 and 2016-17.