GameLab G12: Unicaja - BAXI Manresa
GameLab G12: Unicaja - BAXI Manresa
GameLab G12: Unicaja - BAXI Manresa

GameLab G12: Unicaja - BAXI Manresa

BAXI Manresa travels to Malaga to visit the Unicaja court, second placed in the ACB.

Tuesday 28 of November of 2023 at 16:35

BAXI Manresa visits Martín Carpena to face Unicaja de Málaga. The team led by the former Manresa coach Ibon Navarro is second classified in the ACB with a balance of 8 wins and 3 losses and has been the only team to defeat the leader Real Madrid . The Andalusians also lead their Basketball Champions League group with a record of 3 wins and 1 loss.

Who contributes the points to Unicaja?

Unicaja is a team where a scoring figure does not stand out compared to the rest of the players. Dylan Osetkowski is the man who scores the most for the Malaga team with an average of 12.4 points per game. The California-born power forward is followed in the scoring aspect by Kendrick Perry (11.7pts), Tyson Carter (10.6pts), Nihad Djedovic (9.5pts) and Kameron Taylor (9.5pts).

The duel: Unicaja vs BAXI Manresa

The Andalusians and the Catalans are two teams that we find in many of the Top 10 team statistics of the competition.

The assists statistic is where both teams are in the highest positions. Unicaja is the second ACB team that distributes the most assists in the entire ACB with an average of 19.5 per game. For its part, BAXI Manresa is the fourth most attended team in the competition with an average of 18.7. The player who distributes the most assists in Unicaja is Alberto Díaz (4.5) and from BAXI Manresa is Dani Pérez (6.9).

In efficiency the two sets are also in the Top10. The Andalusians occupy the fourth position in the ranking with an average of 99.4 credits per game and the Manresans occupy the sixth position with an average of 91.8. On behalf of Unicaja, the player who contributes the most credits is Kendrick Perry (12.6val) and on the part of Manresa it is Devin Robinson (16.5val).

Another fact in which the teams of Ibon Navarro and Pedro Martínez stand out is scoring. The Malaga team are the second highest scoring team in the Liga Endesa with an average of 87.5 points in favor and the Catalans are sixth with 85.2 points in favor per game. In Unicaja the player who scores the most points is Dylan Osetkowski (12.4pts) and for BAXI it is Brancou Badio (15.1pts).

However, BAXI Manresa leads a statistic by a lot of difference compared to Unicaja. Bages are the team that captures the most offensive rebounds in the entire ACB with an average of 13.36. On the other hand, the Andalusians are the penultimate team on the list with 9 offensive rebounds per game.

In addition, both teams have a great role in the dunks statistic. BAXI Manresa is the fourth team that makes the most dunks with 3.3 per game. On the contrary, the current Copa ACB champions are eighth, with an average of 2.4.

The shooting %

In the shot of 3, Unicaja, with 36.8%, has a higher effectiveness percentage than BAXI Manresa, with 32.9%. The player on the Andalusian team who attempts the most three-pointers is Osetkowski with 4.5 attempts per game (38% success rate).

In the shot of 2 Ibon Navarro's team also surpasses those from Manresa in accuracy, although by a minimal difference: Unicaja 54.4% / BAXI Manresa 53.7%. The Unicaja player who attempts the most interior shots is Kameron Taylor with 5.8 attempts per game (60.9% success).

In the free throw both Unicaja (74.3%) and BAXI Manresa (73.5%) have a high percentage of effectiveness.


BAXI Manresa has visited Martín Carpena on a total of 40 occasions. Of all these visits, the Catalans have only returned with victory 9 times, falling defeated in the remaining 31.

The last duel played in Malaga between Unicaja and BAXI Manresa ended with a local victory with a result of 97-88. The best player of the game was Jerrick Harding, who scored 20 points and achieved 19 PIR credits.

Manresa's last victory in Málaga dates back to May 11, 2022, on matchday 33 of the Liga Endesa (95-100). The best player of the game was Chima Moneke with 23 points, 8 rebounds and a PIR of 29.

The-Old knowns

David Kravish: played for BAXI Manresa during the 2019-20 season.

Yankuba Sima: He was a club player between 2018 and 2022.

Ibon Navarro: led the Manresa team from 2015 to 2017.