Rafa Martínez, one more season at BAXI Manresa and the Endesa League

Thursday 15 of July of 2021 at 11:16

The Santpedor shooting guard will play one more season. The news has been confirmed with a video posted this Thursday morning on social media.

"It's going to be no." This is what Rafa Martínez responded to a video made by the ACB in which several teammates (Navarro, Pedro Martínez, Sergi Llull, Trias, San Emeterio, etc.) seemed to be paying tribute to the retirement of the legendary Santpedor player. Rafa Martínez will reach the age of 40 wearing the BAXI Manresa shirt and playing in a league where everyone admires him.

Manresa fans will be able to boast of having a season closer to a player who has trained at home, and who will have played with this 20 seasons. With an admirable record, the Santpedor players will follow the orders of Pedro Martínez.

Trajectory of Rafa Martínez
1999-00 - Bàsquet Manresa (ACB)
2000-01 - CB Vic (EBA)
2001-03 - Valls (LEB-2)
2003-08 - Bàsquet Manresa (ACB, Copa del Rey and LEB Gold)
2008-19 - Valencia Basket (Endesa League, Copa del Rey, Euroleague and Eurocup)
2019-20 - Bilbao Basket (Endesa League and Copa del Rey)
2020-21 - BAXI Manresa (Endesa League)

Awards of Rafa Martínez
2001-02 - Champion of Spain under-20, in Vilagarcia de Arousa (Bàsquet Manresa)
2002 - Runner-up of European sub-20, in Vilnius (Spain)
2005 - Bronze at the Mediterranean Games (Spain) 2006 - Champion of the Catalan League LEB (Bàsquet Manresa) 2007 - Champion of the LEB Gold (Bàsquet Manresa) 2010 - Champion of the Eurocup (Valencia Basket)
2014 - Champion of the Eurocup (Valencia Basket)
2017 - Champion of the Super Cup (Valencia Basket)
2017 - Champion of the Endesa League (Valencia Basket)
2019 - Champion of the Eurocup (Valencia Basket)

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