La Llum is already here

Tuesday 6 of July of 2021 at 16:19

BAXI Manresa's 2021-22 season ticket campaign prioritises the renewal of 2020-21 season ticket holders, maintains prices and 'gives away' the Champions League.

BAXI Manresa has presented this Tuesday in the Pou de Llum of Manresa the season ticket campaign for next season, which under the motto 'La Llum is already here' hopes to be able to return fans to the Nou Congost. Priority will be given to those who supported the club last season, who are, for now, the only ones who can be paid.

It seems that after a season in which the fans from Manresa and Bages have had to follow the team from the distance, the light begins to be seen at the end of the tunnel and a much more hopeful start to the season is predicted. The subscriber campaign begins by giving the option to renew only those who had the card last season.

For now, it is given a margin until July 30 to those who are currently paid so that they can report its renewal. The club gives full priority to those who were there last season. If at any time it becomes clear that the capacity allowed in the Nou Congost at the start of the Endesa League guarantees access to new subscribers or the sale of tickets, these two channels will be opened.

The season ticket campaign for next season has been presented at the Pou de Llum, a point in the city of Manresa with a spectacular view, where there is a sculpture by the artist Fernando Prats and from where many can be seen of the important points of the 'Manresa Ignasiana', which will gain prominence this coming season.

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