Ismael Bako: centimeters and energy in Manresa paint

Saturday 24 of July of 2021 at 10:57

The 25-year-old Belgian pivot, 2.08, closes the BAXI Manresa squad. He comes from ASVEL, where he has played in the French League and Euroleague. Signing for the next 2 seasons.

BAXI Manresa has already defined its roster. Pedro Martínez's missing piece arrives: a physical pivot in an ascending line. Ismael Bako has excelled in the French league and the Euroleague with ASVEL, and arrives to be the next 2 seasons in the capital of Bages, after making 5.8p, 3.9r on average .

The pivot Ismael Bako (Leuven, Belgium, born October 10, 1995) is the icing on the cake of BAXI Manresa. After standing out in Belgium in 2 teams (Leuven and Antwerp) he made the leap to France, where he was recruited by a large team. His regularity and good performances in high level matches have not gone unnoticed by BAXI Manresa, who have hired him for the next 2 years.

Ismael Bako is a pivot with an imposing physique (2.08 in height and 2.20m in wingspan), used to playing above the basket and finishing spectacular plays. Last season he played an average of 15 minutes in both the French league and the Euroleague.

Trajectory of Ismael Bako
2012-2017 - Leuven Bears (Belgium)
2017-2019 - Antwerp Giants (Belgium)
2019-2021 - ASVEL (Pro A and Euroleague, France)

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