FAQs about COVID-19 consequences

Tuesday 10 of March of 2020 at 17:53

In this space, we can answer our fans and season ticket holders about consequences and effects that the coronavirus crisis will have on our club.

Which of the games in the Endesa League does the postponement affect? ​​
The Endesa League is postponed until April 24. From this date it will be decided how the schedule of the rest of the league is.
I bought the ticket for some of the adjourned matches. What's up?
The entry for the match is valid, and if the date change does not allow the buyer to attend, the money will be refunded.

I am a subscriber and requested a corresponding courtesy ticket this day. What do I do?
-Subscribers who have requested the ticket corresponding to any of these days, will not count as spent. It is also not assigned to any other party until we return to normal situation can apply with the same conditions:
-A minimum of 48 hours before the game, as long as there is available quota
-In person at the club offices or by making the request by email and it will be sent in pdf format -All this corresponding to the subscription fee

* For any queries, you can contact the club through social networks, by sending an email to or by going to the New Congosto office. Thank you very much for your understanding.

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