The #sangfluencers star in the Blood Donor Marathon, which will take place on Friday at the Manresa Conservatory Theater

Tuesday 17 of December of 2019 at 12:38

The Marathon wants to encourage you to become #sangfluencers or #bloodfluencers, either by donating blood or by motivating others to do so.

"You know that you are important; become a sangfluencer." This is the central idea of ​​the Manresa Blood Donor Marathon, which will be held this Friday, December 20 from 10 a.m. to 9 p.m. at the Conservatory Theater (Mestre Blanch, 4).

Give blood and explain it to social networks, WhatsApp groups of friends and family, or say it to coworkers or the flat where you live. This is the challenge that arises: that we all become #sangfluencers or #bloodfluencers and explain where we can the importance of donating blood to help save lives every day.

The Blood Marathon was presented this morning, at the City Council of Manresa, in an act with the presence of the City Councilor of Healthy City, Mercè Tarragó; the Blood Bank Promotion technique, Marta Hernández; the deputy director of the Althaia Foundation, Albert Estiarte; and Baxi Manresa player Pere Tomás.

The Blood Bank will make the most of facilities (uninterrupted hours, attractive refreshment, recreational space for children, attractive and central space, pleasant atmosphere, wide deployment of means...) to give the citizens the opportunity to make this solidarity gesture . Remember that to donate blood in the Marathon you just have to be over 18 and weigh 50 kg or more, and you don't have to go on an empty stomach.

The Marathon wants to turn blood donation into a great holiday. That is why entities, institutions, companies and individuals who support and get involved participate. Throughout these days the associative and business fabric of Manresa and the region is being involved.

The Marathon wants to raise awareness about the importance of donating blood as a habit and getting new donors to extend this practice among the maximum number of citizens. Keep in mind that 1,000 donations are needed every day in Catalonia to meet the needs of the sick.

Christmas parties

Blood donations drop around 25% during Christmas holidays due to the change in citizenship habits. The Blood Bank encourages donors to approach hospitals and campaigns during these last days of December.

In times of less donation the main need is platelets, which are the ones that expire faster, at 5 days.

This Christmas, all blood donors will receive a gift from their invisible friends, the recipients. After each donation, they will take a postcard of people who have needed blood at some time in their life and who have wanted to write a message of thanks.

In this way, donors and recipients will know that they have an invisible friend whom they do not know but with whom they have blood as a common bond forever.

Everyone in need

In this morning's presentation, the City Councilwoman of Healthy City, Mercè Tarragó, has explained the support of the City Council in the Blood Marathon and has encouraged everyone to make the "generous, civic and supportive" gesture of giving blood.

The deputy director of the Althaia Foundation, Albert Estiarte, recalled that each and every one of us, or someone in our family, will need blood at some point in life, and therefore it is very important that everyone make the gesture of Be a donor According to him, this year alone, in Althaia "we have needed 4,500 bags and blood, 450 platelet bags and 250 plasma bags." These figures are going up, every year more blood is needed, because "the quality of life is lengthened, people are increasingly living and in better conditions. All, large and small, we must be aware of this situation."

The Basketball Manresa is one of the entities that supports the Marathon. Pere Tomás, team player, has been added to the call to all to give blood. "It's a small gesture that costs nothing, and if many people do it, it will be very important."

Collections throughout Catalonia

From now until Reyes, more than 200 blood donation collections are organized throughout Catalonia.

You can also donate blood to hospitals with Blood Bank:

• Barcelona: Clinic, Sant Pau and Vall d'Hebron in Barcelona city; Bellvitge; Germans Trias and Pujol de Badalona; Althaia Foundation-San Juan de Dios Hospital in Manresa; the Mutua de Terrassa; the Mataró Hospital; the General of Catalonia of Sant Cugat del Vallès; the San Camilo Hospital of San Pere de Ribes and the General Hospital of Granollers

• Girona: Doctor Josep Trueta

• Lleida: Arnau de Vilanova

• Tarragona: Juan XXIII, San Pablo and Santa Tecla, San Juan de Reus, Virgen de la Cinta de Tortosa, Pius de Valls and Hospital del Vendrell

Giving blood, a civic habit

In general, anyone who is in good health and who meets the following conditions can donate blood:

To be over 18 years old

-Weight 50 kilos or more

-In case of being a woman, not being pregnant

To donate blood you do not need to be fasting.

On the web answers the most frequently asked questions about blood donation.

Donation Facts

-One of every 10 people who enter a hospital will need a blood transfusion

-Blood is essential in many surgical interventions and to cure digestive diseases, anemia or certain cancers

-At least three people benefit from each donation, since red blood cell, platelet and plasma concentrates are obtained.

-We can give blood more than once a year. Specifically, women can give 3 times a year and men 4.

-The components of the blood expire after a few days, so it is necessary to give it regularly.

From the Blood Bank, donation is promoted as an act of citizen responsibility and as an action of social commitment. Blood is always needed and everyone can give only 20 minutes of their time. Giving blood should be more of a habit, than an activity of specific and extraordinary solidarity.

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