BAXI Manresa beats several marks in 'The Game of the Records'

Thursday 12 of December of 2019 at 10:29

The team from Manresa surpassed their best record of efficiency, assists, three-pointers and points at halftime, remaining just five points behind equalizing the scoring one

BAXI Manresa had a great victory in the Basketball Champions League, on the track of the Polish Polski Cukier Torun (102-121) in a game that will go down in history by the number of marks that the Manresa team beat.

-Rating: The Bages players finished the game with a total of 155 valuation credits, David Kravish with 26, Luke Nelson with 24 and William Magarity with 21 being the most outstanding. The previous club record was 132, in a match against Estudiantes, in 2005.

-Assists: BAXI distributed a total of 41 assists, the highest mark in any European competition. In the BCL, those of Pedro Martinez beat 34 of Avtodor Saratov (October 2016 against Kataja) and UNET Holon (in October 2019, also against Poles). In the Euroleague the highest mark has Real Madrid, with 36 in 2015, and in the Eurocup Ankara, with 34 in 2014. The second best record for the Manresan club is also this season, and also in a European match, against Oostende on November 19 (27). Against the Torun were Dani Pérez, with eleven, Luke Nelson with eight, and Ryan Toolson with seven.

-Three-pointers: The Manresan team scored up to nineteen triples, beating eighteen in the 2012-13 season against Estudiantes. Dulkys scored six, Magarity four, and Toolson, Nelson, and Dani Perez three. In the history of the continental tournament, only the EWE Baskets Oldenburg scored the most (twenty against UCAM Murcia, in November 2017).

-Points at halftime: Bàsquet Manresa set a record of points scored at halftime, with 65, which is also the highest in European competition this season. In the BCL, only Neptunas Klaipeda made more points in the first half, 66 against Capo d'Orlando in January 2018.

-Scoring: The Manresans rose to 121 points, their best mark in European competition and the third in their history, together with a duel against Joventut of 1981. The first two are 126 against Canarias, in 1982 , and 122 against Barça, in the duel of four overtimes in 2009. In the Champions League, only UNET Holon scored more (122), this season against the same opponent. Magarity and Dulkys, with 20, and Kravish, with 18, were the highest scorers in Poland.

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