Five BAXI Manresa's 2019-20 players opt for the Movistar MVP

Wednesday 10 of June of 2020 at 17:27

Aleks Cvetkovic, Dani Pérez, Ryan Toolson, David Kravish and Luka Mitrovic have been among the best in the Endesa league.

The choice of the Endesa League MVP Movistar 2019-20 and the best quintets of the season begins. This Wednesday at 17:00 the vote has been opened through Twitter and the official application of the acb. BAXI Manresa has up to five players who are eligible for the awards: point guards Aleksandar Cvetkovic and Dani Pérez, shooting guard Ryan Toolson and centers David Kravish and Luka Mitrovic.

The four major sectors of basketball participate in the election of these awards: players, coaches, fans and journalists, whose votes represent, for each group, 25% of the total result.

These four sectors will be the jury awarded by the MVP Movistar 2019-20 and also designate the members of the two Best Quintets of the season.

Fans can choose their MVP Movistar through Twitter. The results of the vote, which will be open until Wednesday 24 at 23:59, can be followed in real time through

How can you vote?

On Twitter. Send a tweet with the hashtag #MVPMovistar followed by the name of the player you want to vote for or their Twitter account (if they have one). Retweets also add to the vote, so count not only your vote, but also that of your friends who share your message. In order to count the vote, the account must be public.

In the official app of the acb. Download the official acb app on Google Play or the App Store. Enter the In Game section, access the MVP Movistar vote and click on your favorite.

Double voting period. From June 21 to 24 your votes count double. Both those broadcast on social networks and through the official app of the acb.

Best Quintet. The highest ranked players in each position in the #MVPMovistar vote will be the members of the Best Quintet of the popular vote. The Best Quintet is made up of a point guard, a point guard / small forward (the guard will be the one with the most votes between the second guard and the second most voted small forward), one small forward and two centers. *

Candidates. The list of candidates for the popular vote includes the 15 guards, 25 forwards and 25 centers most valued at the end of Day 23, as long as they fulfilled the need to have played at least 50% of games in the regular league (a minimum of 11).

Limitations. On Twitter it will only be possible to make one vote per day. In the app, one vote per device will be accepted in the total period of the campaign. The popular vote will end on Wednesday June 24 at 11:59 PM.

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