CB Artés, promoted to EBA, will be the new linked team of BAXI Manresa

Wednesday 3 of June of 2020 at 19:00

Those in the capital of Bages will once again have a linked team from the same region after many years. Youth players will have a close and ideal place to keep growing.

CB Artés, who this season has been promoted to the EBA League, will be the new linked team of BAXI Manresa. This new link between the clubs has been presented with a remote press conference this Wednesday at 18:00.

The president of Bàsquet Manresa, Josep Sáez, was the first to speak and made an assessment of the link: "it is very good news that two Bages teams, without thinking about what category they are in, can do things in common"

Later, Jordi Singla, sports vice-president of the entity, took over and detailed the way in which the agreement between the Manresa club and Artés was reached: "we believed that it was very important to find an EBA team where our youth players could continue their growth, and the promotion of Artés has made it easier for us. We contacted them, they contacted us, and it was very easy to reach agreements"

Pere Romero, technical secretary of the Manresa youth teams, then announced what the link will mean for them: "we are happy with all the connections we have had, but we were aware that in order to do the job best done with our players it was very important to have a local team. We will put three young players, a point guard, a small forward and an interior player, who, while supporting BAXI training, can continue to train and play minutes in Artés"

Finally Santi Perramon, president of Artés, and Roger Berenguer, member of the entity's sports commission, have valued the benefits that their club will have. Perramon commented that "the agreement should be the tip of the iceberg to try to weave an alliance between the clubs in the region in order to help us", while Berenguer explained that: "we needed to make a leap in quality to face this new dimension , and the idea of Bàsquet Manresa came to us like a ring to the finger when configuring the team".

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