Audience can choose Radio Manresa through Movistar+ from now on

Monday 9 of March of 2020 at 16:14

Basketball talk on Radio Manresa can be heard through one of the audio channels that Movistar + offers on its television broadcasts.

Since the last edition of the Basketball King's Cup, Movistar + has offered each club in the league a chance to choose an audio to incorporate into their television broadcasts, provided that the narrator is in the pavilion where the game is played.

The BAXI Manresa has reached an agreement with the broadcast of basketball on Radio Manresa in order to be able to incorporate this audio through the television. This way, the audio and the television image will be coordinated. The club wanted the broadcasts of Carles Jódar and his team to be the audio choice that fans will have from now on.

52 years of basketball on the radio
The history of Basketball Manresa and that of Radio Manresa are parallel. Radio Manresa , with the voice of Vicenç Comas, has already narrated the first ascent to the highest category of the state basketball, a broadcast that has been alive during the time to the dean of the city.

Currently Gedi Media produces for Radio Manresa this classic broadcast that brings a local point of view, close to the fan and adapting to the new times, new technologies and new communication channels, trying to maintain the classic radio spirit that has always been with this broadcast.

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