These are the numbers that will be worn by the BAXI Manresa players

Tuesday 13 of August of 2019 at 12:00

T-shirt numbers awarded for the 2019-2020 season, with players who repeat number and some curiosities.

The BAXI Manresa 2019-20 has already begun to work, and the team has distributed the numbers that players will use next season. The list of the 12 players of the first team is complete, in addition to the two linked players.

0, Davis: keeps the number he was wearing at the University, although in the Summer League he took the number 10.

2, Toolson: the Arizona gunman keeps the number last season, despite having used others during his career, such as 9 and 10.

4, Ferrari: He has worn the 13 and 2, but the fact that a veteran like Toolson occupies it has made him readjust and opt for another low number.

5, Jou: Llagostera keeps the number last season, with which he began to stand out in the Liga Endesa.

11, Magarity: Number 2 at the university time, 23 at another stage, and now 11. It seems that the Swede does not mind changing number.

13, Báez: the Dominican retains the number that already led to Gran Canaria.

17 Sima, 18, Sakho and 19, Tomás: The three players repeat last season's dorsal, in which they were already part of the BAXI Manresa roster.

22 Vaulet: Although he has taken diverse numbers such as 11 with the Argentine national team, 7 to Peñarol and 15 years younger, he now keeps the 22.

45 Kravish: Clear example of a player loyal to his number, which has already led to both the training period and other teams.

Next week the BAXI Manresa will make public the design of the new shirt for the 2019-20 season, and will be available to fans who want to buy it.

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