Shooting guard Sergi Vidal & power-forward Javi Lucas strengthen BAXI Manresa's preseason

Tuesday 13 of August of 2019 at 18:22

Players work under Pedro Martínez commands to get more effectives in the team's preparation weeks.

This week the pre-season training sessions of BAXI Manresa have begun. Sergi Vidal escorts, 28 years old and with a long history in the Endesa League, and the Javi Lucas wing-keeper, with experience in LEB Gold and debuting at the ACB with the team in his city, will train with the Bages team.

The sudden loss of Ryan Toolson, pending a medical check-up, and that of Eulis Báez, in the World Cup with the selection of the Dominican Republic, will be covered by these two players, who are already working under the orders of Pedro Martínez.

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