Good vibrations in Artés in BAXI Manresa's first preseason game

Monday 26 of August of 2019 at 23:55

Victory for 99 to 86 at a annotation festival. A lot of desire to see and enjoy with the team in a pavilion where there were about a hundred spectators outside.

99 BAXI Manresa | Ferrari 7, Davis 19, Tomàs 9, Lucas 5 and Sakho 6; Magarity 11, Sima 17, Treviño, Vaulet 12, Efambé 2 and Pérez 8.

86 Youth | Dmitrijevic 5, Busquets 2, Parra, López-Aróstegui 6, Morgan 16, Prepelic 24, Kanter 7, Ventise Zisis 3, from Silava 2, Omic 12, Zagars 4, Harangody 5.

Partial: 23-24, 23-15, 31-20 and 22-27

The BAXI Manresa began the preseason on a dusk with great atmosphere in the Municipal Pavilion of Artés, which was small to see the debut of the capital of the Bages. About 500 people were able to witness the victory of BAXI Manresa on the Rock by 99 to 86. Minutes for all players, and enthusiasm for fans with the new signings. Jordan Davis retired injured in the last quarter after making a bad knee gesture and will have to see the extent of his injury.

The first minutes of the game were favorable to the players led by Carles Duran, who scored an initial 0-9. He broke one of the new additions, escorted Jordan Davis, with a triple. Another one of the new ones, the wing-pivot William Magarity, came out on the track very well and made two triples to place his team ahead in the electronic (19-18). Unfortunately, the badalonins went back and finished the first quarter by winning the minimum (23-24). In the second period, the men of Pedro Martínez could open the hole, reaching halfway through the confrontation with seven advantage points (46-39).

The dam began with the bagencs giving a show in front of his numerous and faithful hobby. The shots of Vaulet and Magarity and a triple of Swedish, among other actions, allowed to widen the income of Manresa, which at the end of the third quarter had a very good run (77-59). In the last ten minutes, good management of BAXI Manresa to be able to close the win and the first preseason test with good vibrations.

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