BAXI Manresa bets on argentinian player Juan Pablo Vaulet

Thursday 18 of July of 2019 at 20:25

El alero, de 23 años y 1,98m jugará en la capital del Bages las próximas dos temporadas. Alero luchador que busca su primera aventura lejos de la Argentina. 'Drafteado' de 2015, con pasaporte polaco y medias de 13,2 puntos y 7,1 rebotes por partido la última temporada.

Juan Pablo Vaulet (born in Córdoba, Argentina, on March 22, 1996) will be BAXI Manresa player for the next two seasons. The Bages team will be the gateway for this 23-year-old wing and 1.98 meters high in the Endesa League and the Champions League. Has been formed and played so far in Argentina, and will start playing away from his country for the first time.

BAXI Manresa bets for the next two seasons for this Argentine eagle, with a promising career start. International with Argentina, although she also has a passport from Poland. In 2015 Charlotte Hornets was shot in 39th place, and in the last season with Peñarol, in Argentina, he made averages of 13.2 points and 7.1 rebounds. It has a great ability to fight for bounce, penetration and resources from the low pole. The player comes from the Peñarol of Argentina, after the Basketball Manresa has reached an agreement for his transfer.

Trajectory of Juan Pablo Vaulet
Until 2016 - Hindu Club de Córdoba (training)
2014-18 - Bahía Basket (Argentina)
2019 - Peñarol

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