Attention fans & ticket holders in Nou Congost

Thursday 9 of May of 2019 at 10:36

We want to continue being passionate, but we can not allow violent behaviors or toss of objects in our gym.

This season, the fans and subscribers of the Basketball Manresa are enjoying our team. We vibrate, we get excited, suffer and we are passionate about BAXI Manresa, as we have always done.

Unfortunately, in our pavilion, we have seen this season as they have fallen on the parquet objects from the stands. This throwing of objects has negative consequences for the club, from the point of view of the image, as well as economic. In case of recidivism, in which we have already incurred, the closure of the pavilion could be reached in any party. Not to mention, that the person in charge of any type of behavior outside the regulations, will assume the corresponding consequences on the part of the club and / or from the competent organisms.

Remember that any type of object that can be thrown on the track can not be taken to the pavilion, nor can the space through which players, technicians and referees move, can be invaded.

As a club, it is not the image we want to convey. Our people and our city enjoy basketball, they want to continue doing it and, therefore, we need to be aware that our passion can not go beyond what limits.

>>> Remember the regulations on this link

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