A great BAXI Manresa cannot finish the victory against Real Madrid

Sunday 26 of January of 2020 at 19:48

The Manresans played from you to you in the almighty Real Madrid, which ended the game in the last minute. Juampi Vaulet, author of 19 points, was the leading scorer for the home side.

Adjusted defeat of the BAXI Manresa against Real Madrid (75-80). The Bagencas, who lost by 14 points in the second quarter, went back and performed a magnificent duel to the end against the current league champion. The home side's choral play, marked by a great defense and serenity to move the ball and end attacking plays, put Pablo Laso on set.

Madrid started the game with their foot on the accelerator and forced, in the two and a half minutes, to ask the first half of the game to Pedro Martínez. Cvetkovic scored the first three-pointer Manresa, and then Magarity scored the right one from the outside. Despite the local effort to reduce the distance, the locals could easily see the basket and achieved a yield of 14 points. From the bench came an inspired Vaulet, which with 7 consecutive points, reduced the gap to 9 at the end of the first period.

The second half started with a push from Madrid that allowed them to maintain the cushion of 14 points. Vaulet and Dani Pérez reactivated the BAXI Manresa attack and put the premises back into the psychological barrier of the 10 points. The Argentinean winger continued to hurt in the Madrid area and went to the 13 points with a coast to coast. A personal play completed by Mitrovic forced Pablo Laso to stop the game with his commanders by 6 points. Pedro Martinez's men would have a great time to get to the break with a minimum disadvantage of 2 points.

The BAXI Manresa was very focused on the resumption, and with the ubiquitous Kravish they turned the result around. Both teams maintained a scoring pulse which led to alternations at the top of the scoreboard. Mitrovic's baskets and a Dulkys-completed counterattack allowed Manresans to reach the last quarter with 5 points to go.

Pedro Martínez's players did not weaken at the start of the half and a Vaulet slash made them increase the distance to 7 points. The Madrid attack would begin to carb and would be able to turn the scoreboard with 5 minutes left. Equality would be maintained until the last minute, where the visitors came 1 point ahead through free throws. Dani Pérez had a three-pointer at the end of 20 seconds, and Campazzo hit his 2 free throws. The carousel of free throws continued to the New Gorge. Cvetkovic did not fail and Campazzo did his own thing. The iron spit on Aleks' outside shot and the visitors gained victory over a BAXI Manresa warrior.

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