BAXI Manresa roars in Europe and wins Turk Telekom

Wednesday 6 of November of 2019 at 22:47

The team led by Pedro Martínez made a very serious game in defense and attack, which was not resolved until the last minute. Toolson and Ferrari with 19 points and Jou, with 10 and a spectacular defense were the most outstanding players.

The BAXI Manresa segueix abonat als finals adjust. On this occasion, against a rival power, such as Turk Telekom, Els Manresans are going to return the victory to the Basketball Champions League (80-75). The same is going to be, once a month, the tonic of the party, doncs cap conjunt will advise more than 7 points of difference. The triumph of the triomf is going to be the great defense in the minuts finals, which is going to face the latter according to certain tranquility.

The party begins fred, amb pocs punts and individualitats d’ambdós conjunts. The BAXI Manresa agafava the triple initiative graces of Toolson, Ferrari and Jou. Als darrers 3 minuts, the homes of Pedro Martínez do not go to the cistella and ho prorofitaven els turcs to donate the volta to the marker, both bones actions to the area, and end up being part of the partial.

The bona defense in l'inici del segon quart, sumat a l’encert a sota de la cistella, will permetre als manresans return to pose per se pervant. The Turk Telekom's response arrives from the 6.75 line. Between two consecutive threefold, the visitors turn to captain the marker and advise a 5-point coixi that will keep finishes at rest.

At the dam, Jou capitanejava l’atac of the BAXI Manresa scored two triples and an additional ti lliure. Tot and l'empenta local, els turcs do not lower the rhythm and continue to note and keep a renda that is moving to the 5-point voltant. Your Toolson cistelles and one of Sima tornaven to pose les taules on the scoreboard. L’escorta americà followed endollat ​​and scored a triple nou that culminates the remuntada and allowed to face the partial darrer amb a punt d’avantatge.

The equality is maintained by the first compassos of the period of decision and time to indicate that there is a final day for the Nou Congost. An effective Magarity augmentaba the distance in the lluminós and the turkish technician, Burak Goren, is forced to demand temps mort per atur l'offensive local. The BAXI Manresa, molt was in defense, advised the seu maximum avantatge (6 points) with a great penetration of Davis. In aquest punt arribava the Turkish reaction. The visitors recommend a partial 0-8 to tie the game 2 minutes from the end. Els tirs lliures serien clau in the final stretch. Toolson does not fail the seps com tampoc ho feia Ferrari. The Turk Telekom players also scored from the personnel line. In the darrers segons, a foul in the attack of the visitors and l'aparició from the triple of Toolson deixaven the victory served to the Nou Congost.

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