BAXI Manresa sweats to defeat Breogán (72-63)
BAXI Manresa sweats to defeat Breogán (72-63)
BAXI Manresa sweats to defeat Breogán (72-63)

BAXI Manresa sweats to defeat Breogán (72-63)

Very defensive and little brilliant game to get a victory that places the players of Peñarroya 6-4. Renfroe with 17 points and Lalanne with 13, the struts scorers.

Sunday 25 of November of 2018 at 15:45

72 BAXI Manresa | Renfroe 17, Toolson 8, Tomàs, Doellman 5, Lalanne 13; Lukovic, Jou, Lundberg 8, Sakho 2, Muñoz 4, Gintvainis 9, Dragovic 6.

63 Cafés Candelas Breogán | Cvetkovic 16, Löfberg, Vidal 9, Brown 12, Gerun 2; Belemene, Sulejmanovic, Díaz 2, Redivo 13, Jordan 9.

Partials: 12-15, 13-10; 23-14, 24-24.

It was necessary to sweat blood to defeat Cafés Candelas Breogán at the Nou Congost, which shows how difficult it is to win games in the Endesa League. An Alex Renfroe again leading the team (17 points), with Lalanne doing good work in the paint (13) helped the victory. It is worth mentioning the good atmosphere once again in the Nou Congost, and the essential work of Gintvainis when it comes to tracing .

The match started locked, with a lot of defense and little score. The first hits were in charge of the centers and penetrations. The visitors put themselves ahead having transformed 5 three-point shots of 7 attempts in the first minutes.

The match would come to the break with a draw on the scoreboard. The first two periods ended with little show, which would arrive timidly in the second half. Lundberg encouraged the game with a three-pointer and an alley-hoop that completed in counterattack. The Danish made a very good game, with spectacular plays like a block in the second half. Toolson matched the score before entering the locker room.

In the third period, favorable start to visitors who escaped to 7 points (32-39). Lalanne left and converted a 2 plus 1 that unveiled the pavilion. More encourage with Gintvainis, who would enter to complete the comeback with 9 consecutive points (48-39).

In the last period, BAXI Manresa was able to maintain the advantage with a good defense and without losing composure when visiting players scored to stay close. The penetrations of Renfroe and Toolson when the ball burned the most stake the victory in the Nou Congost, and the cherry put it Renfroe with a three-pointer at the buzzer.

The Manresa coach Joan Peñarroya said in the press room that "we are happy for the victory, we had talked throughout the week that it would be a complicated game, and that's the way it was; his defensive proposal has generated some uneasiness in our attack; they have challenged us to be wise; they have managed to put us to sleep, we have not had a spark, we have had an error; it has saved us the fact of making a very solid defensive match; there have been players in the 9-0 partial that has helped us; we won an important victory for us, to keep working» .