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A BAXI Manresa in recovery visits the revelation of the season

Saturday 18 of January of 2020 at 13:57

Still with the team injured by injuries and the flu, the BAXI Manresa will try this Sunday at 17:00 to face the 'men in black'.

The BAXI Manresa travels to Bilbao this Saturday in full recovery of the flu wave that has affected the players. Still injured, we will have to see how players affected by the outbreak are also us, such as Dulkys, Kravish, Toolson, Mitrovic and Magarity . The Bages will try to keep the Endesa league alive.

Complicated moment for the losses in the New Gorge. Attempts will be made to recover players for the trip to Bilbao, but it will not be known until the last minute which men will be available Pedro Martínez. Ryan Toolson drags a foot injury, will not travel. In addition, he was one of those affected by the Flu outbreak, along with Dulkys , Magarity , who have no fever but are still weak. Nelson is doubtful about an ankle injury

Complicated tour of the revelation team of the season, brand-new King Cup qualifier with an epic victory at the Palau Blaugrana. The Bilbao Basket was the last team to ascend this summer, after the LEB Gold play-off. With coach Alex Mumbrú , the men in black are enjoying the positive surprise of the season, with 10 wins and only 7 defeats. They have their salvation virtually assured, and right now there are plenty of options to be in the play-offs. Files like the French Axel Bouteille and Jonathan Rouselle are being the leaders on the team, along with the pivot Ondrej Balvin **.

Pedro Martínez said before traveling to Bilbao that "We are going through a very difficult time, because of injuries and especially illnesses; many players have made an effort to be admired, like the players who traveled to Turkey now. no longer have a fever, they are better, but they are crushed and we have some players and they will not be at the ideal energy point; Luke Nelson is doubtful because of an ankle injury, and Toolson is not perfect yet; the Roval is having a great season. ".

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