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BAXI Manresa receives Monbus Obradoiro still with losses but in the heat of improvement

Friday 15 of November of 2019 at 20:26

The team of Pedro Martínez will be able to count on Luke Nelson, new signing, and Frankie Ferrari, almost completely recovered, but he can not count on Kravish, still with discomfort, nor with the injured Tomàs and Báez.

Match between two teams at the bottom of the classification today, tomorrow at 6:00 PM in the New Congost. Open the day the BAXI Manresa - Monbus Obradoiro. The Bages arrive at the duel with still some casualties due to injury, but they retrieve Frankie Ferrari , and Deividas Dulkys , who was a father this week.

The losses still dragged by BAXI Manresa are those of David Kravish , which is not yet recovered from the tear that was made in the match against Bilbao, neither Pere Tomàs and Eulis Báez , with injuries of longer duration. The Reds seek to find stability after a week with changes to the squad. Jordan Davis will no longer be with the team after being detached.

For his part, Monbus Obradoiro, directed by Moncho Fernández , also looks for the third victory. The Galicians are tied to the classification with the Catalans. Their dangers mainly occur due to the high performance of the pivot Dejan Kravic , and the team's gunners, such as Fletcher Magee or Álvaro Muñoz , one of the two old acquaintances of the Basketball Manresa on this team, along with David Navarro .

Pedro Martínez told the press conference after the party that "Obradoiro is a complicated team, with a peculiar strategy and a way of playing that does not look like rivals we usually have; They have very good 3 point shooters and very big players near the basket, and dangerous in the attack bounce; They try to do things aggressively and we have the losses you know, although we recover Frankie Ferrari and Dulkys ».

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