Third preseason test in Sant Julià de Vilatorta
Third preseason test in Sant Julià de Vilatorta
Third preseason test in Sant Julià de Vilatorta

Third preseason test in Sant Julià de Vilatorta

BAXI Manresa loses against Joventut Badalona after an extra time.

Friday 6 of September of 2019 at 22:49

96 Joventut de Badalona I Zisis 8, Prepelic 33, López-Arostegui, Harangody 16 y Omic 6; Dimitrijevic 6, Kanter 15, Parrado 3, Ventura 5, Zagars 4, Busquets

91 BAXI Manresa I Ferrari 22, Tomàs 15, Jou 2, Magarity 9 and Sakho 4; Davis 12, Sima 3, Vaulet 8, Vidal, Kravish 10 and Pérez 6

Partials: 16-20, 26-21, 19-20, 17-17, 18-13

The third preparatory test for BAXI Manresa ended with an adjusted defeat to Joventut Badalona. Ferrari (22 points) and Pere Tomàs (15 points) were the most prominent players on the Manresa side. Equality has been the climax of the match that has remained until the last minute.

Manresa started on the scoreboard and dominated the first root period of three-time Magarity and Ferrari. Thanks to the good circulation of the ball, BAXI Manresa could make releases released and achieve a slight advantage at the end of the first period.

Sergi Vidal would stand out at the beginning of the second quarter with two recoveries that led to two counterattacks. Under the baton of Frankie Ferrari, Pedro Martínez's men kept scoring and breaking the mark to 10 points. The Badalona set was heated with two consecutive triples that tightened the result and forced the blockers to demand time. BAXI Manresa came to rest with minimal disadvantage.

The third quarter began with Pere Tomàs linking 5 points, but at the same time with Jordan Sakho's fourth personal foul. The exchange of baskets followed at the same time that both sets accumulated ball losses. With the tie result came to the final act.

At the beginning of the last 10 minutes, those who stepped from the Manresa car were Vaulet with two trays. Sima got strong under the green-and-black basket with a 2 + 1 move and put the bagenches ahead. The Manresa team took advantage of the good times of Ferrari and Kravish to distance themselves momentarily to the scoreboard. At the end of the regular season, he reached equal to the light and 5 minutes to get to know the final verdict.

The final face or cross has opted for the Penya, who has superimposed a BAXI Manresa led by Ferrari's push in the final moments, and has accused the physical wear of the preseason.