Com to Nou Congost to live in first person a game of your team, BAXI Manresa

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We have available single tickets, or season tickets that last during all the season

Season tickets

Enjoy the whole season at Nou Congost, choose the zone that fits better your needs.

Season tickets


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2019-2020 Season

Prices for the season tickets in the current season

Season Tickets

Those are the prices for the current season.

  • Basede 5 a 1670.00€
  • Jovede 17 a 23100.00€
  • Sénior+ de 24190.00€
General Preferent
  • Basede 5 a 16120.00€
  • Jovede 17 a 23160.00€
  • Sènior+ de 24290.00€
  • Basede 5 a 16160.00€
  • Jovede 17 a 23190.00€
  • Sènior+ de 24320.00€
  • Veterà+ de 65270.00€
Tribuna Preferent
  • Basede 5 a 16210.00€
  • Jovede 17 a 23270.00€
  • Sènior+ de 24420.00€
Tribuna Pref. Central
  • Basede 5 a 16320.00€
  • Jovede 17 a 23375.00€
  • Sènior+ de 24460.00€
  • Sense localitatde 0 a 4 anys20.00€

Advantages and extra tickets

You need to request EXTRA tickets 48 hours in advance, by mail or at the offices. In case of availability, it will be delivered to the office or by mail. Must be printed or mobile. No reservations are made.

2 EXTRA tickets

L'abonat té 2 entrades gratuïtes per la lliga regular. Correspondran a la mateixa categoria i tarifa que la de l'abonament.

Pagament fraccionat

You can divide payments of the season ticket in 10 parts (last payment in april)

Descomptes a la botiga

Veniu a la botiga del Nou Congost i compreu amb un 10% de descompte només per ser abonats.

Entrades a CUBE

For people over 14 years old. On the day they want to use it is necessary to go directly to CUBE with the sports bag, the DNI and the Basketball Manre