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Those are the following games at home. Come and see live the Liga Endesa!

Liga EndesaGameday 3
Pavelló Nou Congost
BAXI ManresaBAXI Manresa
Valencia Basket ClubValencia Basket Club
Liga EndesaGameday 5
Pavelló Nou Congost
BAXI ManresaBAXI Manresa
MoraBanc AndorraMoraBanc Andorra
Liga EndesaGameday 7
Pavelló Nou Congost
BAXI ManresaBAXI Manresa
Coosur Real BetisCoosur Real Betis
Liga EndesaGameday 9
Pavelló Nou Congost
BAXI ManresaBAXI Manresa
RETAbet Bilbao BasketRETAbet Bilbao Basket
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2020-2021 Season

Prices for the season tickets in the current season (same prices as 2019-20 season)

Season Tickets

Those are the prices for the current season.

Grada d'Animació
  • Basefrom 5 to 16 years old70.00€
  • Youngde 17 a 23 anys100.00€
  • Senior+ de 24 years190.00€
  • Basede 5 a 1670.00€
  • Jovede 17 a 23100.00€
  • Sénior+ de 24190.00€
General Preferent
  • Basede 5 a 16120.00€
  • Jovede 17 a 23160.00€
  • Sènior+ de 24290.00€
  • Basede 5 a 16160.00€
  • Jovede 17 a 23190.00€
  • Sènior+ de 24320.00€
  • Veterà+ de 65270.00€
Tribuna Preferent
  • Basede 5 a 16210.00€
  • Jovede 17 a 23270.00€
  • Sènior+ de 24420.00€
Tribuna Pref. Central
  • Basede 5 a 16320.00€
  • Jovede 17 a 23375.00€
  • Sènior+ de 24460.00€
  • Sense localitatde 0 a 4 anys20.00€

Advantages for renewals

If you are already a BAXI Manresa subscriber for the 2019-20 season and renew, you can enjoy these exclusive benefits:

2% discount in all categories

If you renew your season ticket, you will enjoy a 2% of discount.

5 extra ticket for each season ticket holder

This season we giveaway 5 extra tickets, excluded 'star games' and until we run out of tickets.

Easy payment: up to 8 month payments

Pay your season ticket in up to 8 monthly payments: begin now and divide the payment.

September 30, deadline to renew

From Wednesday 30 September, no new subscribers will be made for the 2020-21 season