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History & Achievements

Manresa, a medium-sized city located in the center of Catalonia has always been a city doomed basketball teams that participate in numerous different categories.


Since 1931 , Manresa and it’s region have enjoyed good basketball, and over the years the club has adapted to the rhythm of time, changing the name, flag, class… but always keeping alive the spirit basketball fans and support. Always striving to be among the best, you picked as the Copa del Rey, ACB, or several Catalan league titles. Manresa basketball S.A.E. has a strong foothold popular, as evidenced by having more than 900 shareholders and 3,500 ticket holders.
The beginning of basketball in Manresa, and as our club goes back to 1931 when the organization was founded Manresa Basketball Club. Three years later , in August 1934, the Basketball Club merges with Manresa CB Bages born Unió Manresana de Bàsquet. The most important achievement of these early achievement was the “Copa Barcelona – Trofeo General Orgaz” against Joventut Badalona 22 August 1940. That same year, the club will become part of the Centre d’Esports Manresa, a multi-sport club, with football or athletics. As important facts at this stage, it should be noted the rise in the national First Division season 1967/68, the opening of the Congost gym (November 1968) and the first part in a competition (Korak Cup, 1971/72) In 1979, the company was transformed into an independent sports club changed its name to Manresa Esportiu Bàsquet. From this period include the launch of the ACB in 1983 /84 and sponsored by the firm TDK (between 1985 and 2000).
In 1992 , the club was incorporated as a Public Limited Company Sports and adopted its current name : SAE Basketball Manresa . In recent years, the club has undertaken a major process of professionalization. In the sports world, has won the Cup the 1995/96 season, and the ACB League, in the 1997/98 season.
Manresa basketball team is currently sixth in the ranking of ACB played games.


Liga ACB:

  • Champion of the ACB League in 1997-98 season against Tau Cerámica (1-3).

Copa del Rei (King’s Cup):

  • Champion of Copa del Rei in Múrcia in 1996. TDK team won against FC Barcelona 94-92 the final game.
  • Runner of Copa del Rei in Ferrol in 1980. Final lost against FC Barcelona 92-83.

Príncep d’Astúries Cup:

  • Runner de la Copa Príncep d’Astúries a Vigo el 1987. Es va perdre la final enfront el Joventut de Badalona per 99-80.
  • Runner of the  de la Copa Príncep d’Astúries a Melilla el 2001. Es va perdre la final amb el Melilla per 92-88.

Lliga LEB:

  • Campió de la Lliga Adecco LEB la temporada 2006-07 enfront el Climalia Lleó (88-94).

Lliga Catalana ACB:

  • Champion of the Lliga Catalana ACB el 1997. Won the final against Joventut 77-76.
  • Champion of the Lliga Catalana ACB el 1999. Won the final against Joventut 81-65.
  • Runner of the Lliga Catalana ACB el 1996. Lost final game against Valvi Girona per 61-62.
  • Runner of the Lliga Catalana ACB el 1998. Lost final game against el Joventut per 86-71.
  • Runner of the Lliga Catalana ACB el 2000. Lost final game against el FC Barcelona per 76-67.

Lliga Catalana LEB:

  • Champion of theLliga Catalana LEB in 2000. Won the final against  Caprabo Lleida 87-82.
  • Champion of theLliga Catalana LEB in 2001. Won the final against  Valls Fèlix Hotel 81-75.
  • Champion of theLliga Catalana LEB in 2006. Won the final against CB Tarragona 88-75.


  • Champion of Second Division in the season 1969/70.
  • Trophy General Orgaz-Copa Ciudad de Barcelona el 1940.

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